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Two poems below from Joanna's first full collection, 'Centuries of Skin', published in 2010 by Ragged Raven: Centuries of Skin '...she is a skilled miniaturist – a Jane Austen cataloguing the telling details of women’s lives, of city life…’ Ross Cogan, South MagazineA poetry e-chapbook, 'The Start of Rain', is forthcoming from Goggle Publishing and since November 2011 Joanna has been co-hosting The Speakers Corner a monthly poetry and prose night in York. Joanna's Blog

Coffee with an ex

To think, after everything,
that you would meet him,

yet here you are, the corner seat,
a green-tinted window, early.

You stare at your reflection
in the pine table, antiseptic-shiny,

look towards the café doorway
where his broad shadow will always win.

Other customers sip coffee
over papers, over laptops

blinking from page to page.
November. You place your phone

by the thin vase that contains
a single plastic poppy.

The art of plava

Every sunday I'd watch you whisk five eggs
to satin stiffness.  Later I'd relish
each mouthful's curls of grated orange zest.

Now, in an armchair at the hospital,
you refuse a cup of water, your strength
hauled below your ashen skin to feed it:

the lumps of cells fermenting inside you.
Through the window, the sun beams on all things
from patients' square lawns to bare winter trees.

The second time I've seen you in five years.

Back at home I try making your plava.
Dense as bread.  The edges curl, burnt orange.

Joanna's Blog

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