Joanna Ezekiel
I met Joanna 3 years ago when i joined the Bright Scarf poets in Richmond, that happy bunch, who encouraged me to write and to speak not quite so inaudibly.  At our monthly meetings Joanna reliably conjured images out of the air and, over the next couple of years, seeing her perform on various platforms along the Thames valley, i came to realise what an accomplished teacher and creator of poems she had been all along. How slow I can be! Joanna is now doing famous things in York.
Joanna's blog

Alison Hill
Founder and co-host of the monthly Rhytym & Muse, based in Kingston upon Thames - and in my view the best run event of its kind for miles around, often a very good night out and ever-improving - Alison is a dramatist and a published poet of increasing authority.  As poet in residence of the Kingston libraries she has promoted poetry events tirelessly with, I expect, the same welcoming, easy manner with which she continues to encourage newly hatched poets approaching the light. As a poet, Alison leads where I cannot follow, see  poetry pf
Alison's website

Peter Pegnall
My premier poet per se, it strikes me Peter has a terrible, tender marriage with his past that generates all the poignant relations and undercurrents of a life.  With his sensual and deeply sympathetic understanding of poetry and poets, he has the wisest ear for the spoken word.  Who but Peter would rather hear the poets stumble over or declaim their work so he might understand them better, than have an actor speak it, comprehending or no?  I can't agree myself, but I have to approve.  You can catch Peter in Richmond, sometimes. When he is sorting out the world poetic one couldn't wish for a better companion.

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