Monday, 30 May 2016

Bicycle Shop, Norwich

Last Wednesday; an evening full of expression underground at the Bicycle Shop, a groovy cafĂ© bar on Benedicts St, Norwich. It has been some time since Peter, Quentin and Rosie performed together, here, Tista joining the group. Good performances all, and good material.  It's a pity for me Norwich is a long haul from the Cotswolds but Peter's back on form and there should be more to come at the Bicycle Shop, and in Sheringham, well worth the visit.

Sunday, 15 May 2016

Bright Scarves 25 May

A happy day for the old brighter scarfers, a reunion with Peter Pegnall in the lead, ready to roll. Watch that man!  There has been a lot of loose bicycle talk the last couple of days, Peter wants to hire more, Quentin doesn't want that whole Butch & Sundance rigmarole.  We're a three gear bunch, or none at all.

After a wordy warm up in Sheringham the boys will meet up with Rosie in Norwich for a fun packed evening of poetic entertainment.  Make your way to the bicycle shop one and all, I don't know if there will be bicycling, but the wheels still in spin.

Wiv'air larndun airs n graces.  Blimey.

Monday, 2 May 2016

Bard of Hawkwood 2016

Hawkwood College, 02 May Open Day, rain, wind and a busy common room before 5 story tellers, poets, song writers competing at the 2nd Hawkwood Eistedfodd, although Peter is not pictured here he can probably be found on Kevan Manwaring's bardic site - instead, me handing over the applebough, and our gorsedd, Katie, Anthony, Chantelle, yours truly, Steve and Richard about the incoming Bard of Hawkwood.

It was a closely fought contest and a well deserved win for Anthony Hentschel with a stirring performance of his own grand, redemptive verse. It might be a good year for the bards, I can offer my sympathies to the runners-up, they should know full well their stuff is winning material, but it was Anthony's day: goose bumps. 

& No more live judging for me, I think.