Monday, 2 May 2016

Bard of Hawkwood 2016

Hawkwood College, 02 May Open Day, rain, wind and a busy common room before 5 story tellers, poets, song writers competing at the 2nd Hawkwood Eistedfodd, although Peter is not pictured here he can probably be found on Kevan Manwaring's bardic site - instead, me handing over the applebough, and our gorsedd, Katie, Anthony, Chantelle, yours truly, Steve and Richard about the incoming Bard of Hawkwood.

It was a closely fought contest and a well deserved win for Anthony Hentschel with a stirring performance of his own grand, redemptive verse. It might be a good year for the bards, I can offer my sympathies to the runners-up, they should know full well their stuff is winning material, but it was Anthony's day: goose bumps. 

& No more live judging for me, I think. 

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