Sunday, 17 April 2016

the great and the good

The blog is a beast needs feeding.  The other day I found an anthology, Firebox, in a second hand book shop, treasure hunter, and picked it up this evening with half an hour to kill. I was immediately inspired by Heaney.  Gradually I understand what these poets achieve, and daresay I may slowly gain on them, a little.  We all respond to competition, here though,  it wasn't even a case of No hurry worry, since good poetry at the very least encourages. Meanwhile:

I was reading Heaney and Muldoon
though I’m not so keen on Muldoon,
really, but these boys fly:
they fly with thought on words, where I,
I am again the parapenter
too heavy for his rig sometimes taking
giant leaps, great, ungainly bounding steps
on Brecon's boulders;  strange, wild bird,
a goony chick, let all description founder.

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